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Highway King slot and some tips you need to know
Highway King slot and some tips you need to know

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Nowadays, there are many kinds of betting games but Highway King slot is one of the games that played the most. Perhaps most of players are boy, and they often like the games which thrilling and adventure. If you are also looking for a game like that, why don’t you try to play Highway King slot game, I am sure you will attracted immediately.

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At first, to play Highway King slot game as well as any game, you need to know all basic information about this game. Highway King is the very simple 5 reel, 9 pay lines slot game that including 2 main symbols are scatters and wilds. Its theme is about driving huge trucks on the highway. There are about 41 winning combinations in this slot game, so your chance of winning is very high. Unlike other games of Malaysia online casino, Highway King slot do not offer attractive bonus rounds but it provides players Dollar Ball progressive jackpot – a form of lottery. You need to know that Dollar Ball progressive jackpot is connected to all scr888 casino system, therefore you can earn a lot of if you win.

How to play Highway King slot game

Playing Highway King slot is not hard. At first, you need to choose the amount you wish to wager per line. Then, you have to decide the numbers of pay lines you want to play with by clicking Bet One button. If you want to choose all 9 lines, click Bet Max. I suggest you should select all 9 pay lines. This is better. Remember that your amount you will get if you win depend on the betting amount as well as the numbers of line you chosen. After that, click Spin to spin the reels. In Highway King slot, clicking Bet Max button also spin the reels automatically instead of Auto play button as other games. No matter how many winning combination you get, you also get prizes.

Tips to get more and more money from playing Highway King

Although we know that the results when playing Highway King slot game are due to the random nature of the machine named Random Number Generators. But you need to have savvy or experienced about some special way of playing this slot game.

First of all, you when playing Highway King slot or any other slots, you need to set loss limit. This tip will help you save your money efficiently. I mean that if you lose out of money in your bank account, let’s to stop and quit. Do not think about getting this amount of money back, you will be lost more.

Second, if you are risk person and want to progressive jackpot, do not forget to activate Dollar Ball feature.
The last, be awake to know how are you doing and how much money you have lost. Be really comfort when playing, it just is a game. Hope you will be a smart player and can play the best Highway King slot game. Join now!

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