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3 Highlights Benefit Of Magento One Step Checkout Extension
First, i'll introduce about MageHit. Magehit is Magento Website Development Company and holding a solid position in the Magento market. MageHit offers a huge number of comprehensive Magento Extensions, which can optimize online store management process effectively. Magento One Step Checkout Extension is one of the many awesome products.
You and your customers feel annoying when using the default system Magento Checkout. The default system Magento Checkout has 6 complex steps, make buyers feel boredom and tired because they must fill too much informations in another steps. Magento One Step Checkout Extension is invented to:
- reduce the payment steps from 6 to 1, easy, simple and quick.
- especially One Step Checkout can run well with the community edition 1.3 1.4 1.5 and Enterprise edition 1:10.
- a further feature is the price of one step checkout is very competitive compared with other providers.
So, what are you waiting for? Let trial and experience the convenience of Magento One Step Checkout Extension.

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