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Rashford naive, handing the flag to Martial
The red card ahead of Burnley last night, could take away the main kick of Marcus Rashford in the next round.

61 minutes into the match Marcus Rashford came on for Alexis Sanchez. The Chilean player is baffled. He had a point, at that time United had only led 2-0 and Burnley had signs of rebounding. Exactly 10 minutes later, after a collision with Phil Bardsley, Rashford acted cooled against Burnley. As a result, referee Jonathan Moss gave him a direct red card.

Rashford innocently handed Martial - Football
 The case led to Rasford's red card.
Coach Jose Mourinho expressed his disappointment at the post-match press conference. "I do not know what happened, I can only say that Rashford is so innocent, it's a ball between a kid and an experienced man." Bardsley has played professionally for more than 20 years. and Rashford is extremely naive. "

The Englishman also immediately apologized on his personal Twitter page. He said, "I was so overwhelmed, I should not react like this. I apologize to the entire team and all the #MUFC fans."

After this "accident", Rashford's main opportunity is rock less. Jesse Lingard is playing steady. Sanchez is now used to the right edge to have the magic ball for the partner Romelu Lukaku. The next three matches, Juan Mata had a chance on the right wing. Even more so than Mata in the role of clinging, Anthony Martial is also forgotten bóng đá 365 tin tức cập nhập mới nhất từ các giải bóng đá hàng đầu Châu Âu và thế giới. 

Rashford innocently handed Martial - Football
 Will Martial have a chance to come back after Rashford's mistake?
The Frenchman has been suspended by Mourinho for the remainder of the season. With a good man like Mourinho, can understand this is just "compressed spring" action. He suppressed Martial to some degree and would burst him at certain times. After all, the new season only goes through the first few rounds. Strategic assignments have not yet emerged. At least, until December, when the club entered the fierce race when kicking 3.4 front in just a few days. It's time to "show the heroic face".

Back to the story of Martial. You have enough experience as well as better performance than Rashford in the situation last night if you encounter. The calm and humble of the player is what Mourinho should cherish. You've been to Old Trafford over the past few months, now it's time to prove your worth, Martial!

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