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law firm
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ATS Lawyers is a highly recommended law firm providing legal services to foreign investors and domestic companies receiving foreign investments. We have represented and supported many foreign clients in getting their investment certificates in Vietnam, including offshore companies, joint ventures and domestic corporations operating in a variety of business industries such as banking, finance, securities, capital markets, real estate, construction, infrastructure, energy, insurance, health care, information technology, telecommunications, manufacturing, trade, distribution, retail, logistics and shipping… We understand the needs of investors, financiers and key stakeholders in large scale investment projects. With our broad knowledge, experience and good relationships, transactional capability and professional skills in finance, corporate, tax, and investment law, we can help clients to structure, acquire, finance, implement projects and manage their investments in Vietnam at every stage.

Our team focuses on:

▶ Research, analysis and survey the market

▶ Research on the feasibility of investment projects

▶ Due diligence of the investors

▶ Consult, prepare and submit required dossier of foreign investment projects

▶ Advice on procedures and implementation of investment projects after licensing

▶ Investment projects management

▶ Handle legal issues arising from implementation process of investment projects

▶ Advice on project transfer, including licensing procedures and related matters

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