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Declan Rice leaves the Republic of Ireland
Over the past year, Declan Rice has been quite active in West Ham. Under David Moyes, this versatile player is consistently playing. In the past 2017/18, he played a total of 31 games for West Ham in every arena tin the thao bong da voi nhung nhan dinh uy tin chinh xac tu chuyen gia

At the age of 19, Declan Rice has shown good qualities, especially the ability to dispute. He can play well in both center-back and defensive midfield. New West Ham coach Manuel Pellegrini has expressed interest in using Rice as his young star in two of the first four games, the latest in a 3-1 win over Wimbledon in the League Cup.

Manuel Pellegrini praises Declan Rice's image Declan Rice is a potential West Ham player

On the international stage, Declan Rice has made three appearances for Ireland, but is in friendly appearances. Born and raised in London, this young talent can still wear a normal England shirt. And not long ago, coach Martin O'Neill of the Republic of Ireland said Rice has withdrawn from the squad after being approached by the British nhận định bóng đá hôm nay từ các chuyên gia soi kèo bóng đá.
Pellegrini spoke about his pupil

In an interview, Manuel Pellegrini praised Declan Rice. Chilean captain confident in West Ham qualified to contribute to England. "It was a difficult choice, but I thought about reason, he had to decide whether he would contribute to Ireland or England," he said.

"Rice is 19 years old and the future will show him what national team he is. There will be more opportunities for him in Ireland, but if you believe in yourself and feel like you are a true Englishman ... It's a personal decision, it's hard to give advice, but I always say He is young and his future is wide open. "

"When you were 19, you needed strength and Rice was such a good player. I think he has a bright future. Picking up England, he's going to have big competition, but I think he'll get through. He needs to decide for himself. "

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