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Dembele's tumultuous future: 'Barca will make a big mistake selling him'
Recently, the former French star, Philippe Montanier has shared about the chaotic future of Dembele in Barcelona.

The clubs are busy and finalizing contracts when the summer transfer window is entering the final stage. While still busy recruiting more stars, the Barca management not forget to worry as well as solve the future of the players team.

'Barca will make big mistakes if they sell Dembele' - Football
International media is constantly pointing at the Dembele blockbuster. Last time, the Frenchman was rumored to be in contact with Arsenal. A number of insiders must clarify his future at Camp Nou Soi kèo Nhật Bản vs Việt Nam, 16h00 ngày 19/08 - Asiad 2018

To date, things have not ended. Although President Bartomeu insists the French star will continue to stick with the club, however, the newspaper Mundo Deportivo revealed the future of striker number 11 extremely endangered. Most likely, PSG will take over the 21-year-old star as he did with Neymar.

Recently, former French Under-20s coach Philippe Montanier unexpectedly shared some of Dembele's turbulent future at Camp Nou. According to him, Barca should keep the 21-year-old striker. "I think it would be a big mistake to sell him to anyone." Dembele is an outstanding talent, he is not only the present but also the future of Barca. Dembele and now he is doing well, I believe he will do well next season, "said the former Frenchman Soi kèo Pakistan vs Nepal, 16h00 ngày 19/8 - Asiad 2018

Not to stop there, Montanier also spent countless praise for his former student. "He's still very young, a bad season does not say anything, I'm seeing a growing Dembele, he always knows how to balance things, Dembele really makes magic with the ball. "

Obviously, Barca is a big club and not easy to shine with just one season. It will be better with Dembele in the second season, "Rennes' old man finished.

Before that, Dembele also confirmed his future in "Blaugrana". The club's second-string contract says, "I will stay and continue to stick with Barcelona." But things are still uncertain until the transfer in Spain closes Soi kèo Bangladesh vs Qatar, 19h00 ngày 19/8 - Asiad 2018

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