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Guardiola makes NHM Man City worried about the Sterling
The English striker has opened the scoring for the Premier League champions with Arsenal.

And coach Pep Guardiola praised Raheem Sterling for his superb goal and performance against The Gunners, but he admitted he had not talked to the 23-year-old about signing the new deal and was not. can reach agreement xem them

"I want to thank the parents for giving him a special body," Guardiola said jokingly. "He's too small, so a week is enough for Raheem to be ready." He was very good at training, we needed him in that position, who did well in the last 25 minutes, when Raheem started. tired." He said.

Guardiola makes NHM Man City worried about the disclosure of Sterling - k prefer to extend the contract - Football
In June, Sterling failed to reach an agreement with City on a contract extension with the club, as the negotiations stalled on the issue of compensation. Guardiola added that he wanted his student to stay in the club, but claimed he was a 'coach, not a manager':

"No," he replied, when asked if he could update on Sterling's future at Etihad. "On the record, I'm not a manager, I'm a coach, I try to create good team spirit in the locker room and win the game, but we're very happy with him. and want Raheem to stay. "

"We came after a difficult season and I told him about wanting to help and want Raheem to stay, but in the end, the representatives may not reach an agreement and that may not happen. But the player knows we like him and wants him a lot. " He added tiep tuc

Guardiola makes NHM Man City worried about the disclosure of Sterling - k prefer to extend the contract - Football
 Sterling has not renewed his contract with City.
The Citizens have broken many of the Premier League records - including the top-scoring or most-scored team - while also winning the League Cup, but Guardiola insists his players are desperate as ever. when the.

"Yes, that's a good question but not an answer," he said. "If I asked the players, they would tell me there, they showed me that on the pitch, that's where I found out they had that in mind or not, and we were still there. What I saw in coaching and playing with Chelsea. "

"We will not judge what will happen, but Man City will try to be (the champion again), if we are defeated, maybe we deserve it. PSG goals and good preparation before the season so come here and win against Unai Emery in the first match is very important. " City coach Man concluded thong tin moi nhat

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