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Hazard and Giroud want Chelsea to buy this name?
Chelsea concern Nabil Fekir
Sarri is planning to buy a multi-purpose attacking star, the Italianman who has targeted Lyon midfielder Nabil Fekir. Last season the player born in 1993 played very well in the French team shirt with 24 goals on all fronts Tỷ lệ kèo bóng đá đêm nay
Giroud and Hazard want Nabil Fekir to Chelsea image
Chelsea want Fekir

Nabil Fekir is versatile, he can play in both wings, center midfield, defense or center striker. The speed and ability to finish well helps 25-year-old star can integrate with the football environment in the Premiership.
The Lyon side is ready to sell the star born in 1993 if they get a reasonable offer. Lyon coach Bruno Genesio has confirmed that midfielder Nabil Fekir will be able to leave if the Frenchman gets a reasonable offer.
"He is an important Lyon player, of course I want to keep him in the team. However, Nabil Fekir can completely leave Lyon if BLD team received an offer can not refuse.
Giroud and Hazard want Nabil Fekir to join Chelsea
Nabil Fekir to Chelsea, which is the desire of Eden Hazard and Olivier Giroud. The Blues star is trying to convince the Frenchman to come to Stamford Bridge. Giroud told reporters Soi kèo miễn phí

Hazard and Giroud want Chelsea to buy this picture name 2
Giroud wants Chelsea to buy Fekir

"I talked to him when we both got to the 2018 World Cup, we talked about Chelsea, I wanted him to play alongside me at Stamford Bridge. I think Hazard likes it, he also talked to Fekir. "
"We will welcome him, I would be happy if Chelsea recruited Fekir. However, I do not know if the team can recruit him or not. "
As for Fekir, the 25-year-old star affirmed that the future is entirely dependent on Lyon. He will be happy to stay and also willing to go if received a reasonable offer soikeo365.net

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