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Marketing company and traffic
After years of running a website and having a decent level of sales we are now looking to increase the amount of traffic and sales. That brings to the forefront a question about ways to get traffic .... I have done some optimization for the site but have allowed some things to not get optimized as 'deeply' as they can be because like somethings, it is more i think i have sped things up using cloudfare, i have tried to add a blog, post to FB and twitter, Added as boxes to pages, Pinterest for images, added Metatag stuff (keywords, etc), SEO URLs, made the site mobile friendly, compacted the CSS as far as I dare with the template we use. 

I feel i may be missing things since the traffic has actually slowed more then normal for the summer months and i am tired of trying to tweak things by myself.So that brings me to the questions .... on our site that makes you say "FOUL !, that is the issue" or even when surfing that you see if wrong .... Next, is there a marketing company you feel is reasonable and you have a good experience with getting more traffic?

Please help

Did not find the right solution from the internet.

Custom explainer video company


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