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PayPal and E-Commerce Issues

I'm hoping someone here on this issue and I can help you resolve it. 
I am trying to set up an e-commerce on my site. I want to offer various sizes / print materials (posters, canvas, etc) ... all at different price points. I have created an e-commerce section, and a database with each size and price for the combo box. There are a few issues I am having though. 
1) When I am using the publishing site, and choose my size (which is default at 1) .. i hit 'add to cart' and i get a paypal page that says 'please enter a quantity greater than 0'. 
2) I want the price to display on the page before the consumer clicks 'add to cart' and i would like that change to change when a consumer chooses a different size / material combo. 
3) I had it working for a bit, where i wasnt getting the paypal error message. Did this by entering in a 'base price' of $ 1 in the description field item ... .However once again the price would not change when I selected different sizes. Would take me to a paypal checkout page that would only display a price of $ 1. 
Can anyone help with this?

Please help

Did not find the right solution from the internet.

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