Major Google ranking signals

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Major Google ranking signals
It’s no secret that Google’s ranking algorithm is made up of over 200 components, or “signals.” And while the list is impressive, it can get daunting if you’re a just regular human with 24 hours in a day.

Luckily, SEO isn’t about getting every tiny thing right; it’s about getting your priorities right. Below, we’ve put up a list of top eight rankings factors, based on the industry studies by SearchMetrics, Backlinko and SEO PowerSuite. Read on to find what they are, and how to optimize your site for each.

Surprise, surprise, right? In 2017, backlinks continue to be the strongest indication of authority to Google. Let’s look at the things that can make or break yours.

1. Link score

How does Google turn the abstract concept of “backlinks” into a quantifiable ranking signal? In several patents, Google explains that this is done by calculating a “link score.” The score is made up by every incoming link’s individual quality score (aka PageRank) and the number of links to the site.

So link quantity is an important part of the score. However, remember that you can’t afford to have spammy, low-quality links in 2017. It’s also worth noting that links coming from the same domain carry little weight; Google will typically only count one of them when evaluating your link profile. So in terms of quantity, your primary factor to focus on should be the number of linking domains.

Measuring quality is less straightforward. While we know that PageRank is still one of the key factors in Google’s algorithm, its public version is no longer available. Luckily, there are reliable alternatives that are based on PageRank’s original formula, including SEO PowerSuite’s recently launched InLink Rank.

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