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How to position yourself as an expert?
This is both an online and an offline marketing question, but I think it really applies to both realms so I'm asking it here. When trying to sell your services or promote your business, how can you effectively position yourself as a winning option and a leader in your industry? If you've ever walked into an establishment to offer services for SEO, web design or some other type of marketer, you probably had to sell yourself one way or another.

You can sell yourself based on your past experiences - "I was the head of marketing at a big company for some time and based on my experience I can get these results for you" but you can also sell them your services based on their actual problems, which requires doing a bit of homework but pays dividends when the prospect realizes that you really understand what problems they face on a daily basis.

What other strategies can you use to sell yourself on the spot to a prospective client? Doing homework or research in their niche works great but is there a better way that I'm missing that could help me show even more credibility? Any ideas or input would be appreciated.
Here are some more details: Travel solution video

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