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Paying rent with dividends vs. owning outright
What would you choose if you had $100,000 and could:
Construct a $100,000 portfolio that provided $4,000 dividends, but still had to pay $4000 rent

Purchase a $100,000 property outright but received no further income

Is there any significant disadvantage to owning a stock portfolio which provides enough dividends to cover PPOR rental payments versus owning the property outright? Ignoring the fluctuations of stocks, ‘guaranteed return’ of a mortgage (the interest rate), tax brackets and personal factors in the rent vs buy debate. Obviously with dividends your taxed so you lose a bit but even when a mortgage is paid off, you still have ownership costs (rates/maintenance/fees etc).

I hear so much that you HAVE to own property and if you rent then you’ll never achieve financial freedom/success. But if you’re able to passively pay the rent, does not owning even become an issue?

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