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Home loan advice
Hi All,
After some advice please if anyone can help.

We recently put in an offer on what we are hoping will be our first home.

The owners bought the house during peak times for around $800k and have since separated. The husband was left to pay the mortgage but has then lost his job and hasn't been able to make the repayments and now has to sell the property. As the market has now bottomed out the house is only worth roughly half of what they bought it for.

Since we put our offer in the ex wife has decided she would like to keep the house and try and buy out the husband. As the property is still in both their names is it likely that she would get the finance? Surely she would have to take over the 800k mortgage?

It's been three weeks since we put in our offer and would just like to know either way!

About Me:
I'm new in this forum, I am a consultant and have worked with multiple firms
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