Benefits of paste films for automotive, cars.

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Benefits of paste films for automotive, cars.
Benefits of paste films for automotive, cars
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In warm countries such as Vietnam, the anti-hot car is necessary not only help protect the health of the people sitting in the car, but also help protect the interior of the car pool. Paste automotive window film is the solution for many people opt for the benefits that this solution brings.
1. Insulate well - energy cost savings
against heat simplest way for cars actually use air conditioning systems (air conditioning) of the automobile. Of course, with this option you can customize the temperature in the car should not only heat-resistant but also brings a touch of cool and comfortable in the car. But this solution is not only energy consumption but also makes air conditioning quickly deteriorated. In the long run, the cost of maintenance, air conditioning maintenance nor less that your car must also use more gasoline. So many choices paste solution for automotive window films. Automotive window films can be used from 10 to 15 years paste films cost is not high. If in the long run, the paste for automotive window film is the solution most cost savings. But the main point is the heat resistance of the insulating film is high. Also, depending on the type of heat resistant film which vary but all kinds of films commonly used often insulated from 50% to 90%.
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2. Eye protection
insulating film types with different colors to use for different purposes. For windshield stickers usually have dark films aimed at preventing harmful glare for drivers eyes. While the move if the driver was very dangerous glare so people often choose the type of films capable of high light-resistant. Besides, the films also help prevent glare from headlights of cars going in the opposite direction. Glare will become more gentle passing insulating glass paste film, this allows the driver to feel more comfortable.
3. Preventing UV
The common white glass used in cars are often incapable of preventing ultraviolet rays (UV) in sunlight. Therefore, the automotive window films pasted help limit the harmful effects of UV rays on the skin and eyes. Films from a variety of classes designed to help prevent UV rays effectively. Depending on the characteristics of each type of film that film can absorb light reflected light makes the environment, these films will be light. In addition, high-energy UV light so the UV resistance also helps prevent hot car.
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4. Protect the interior of the car
interior in the car is usually made of plastic, leather, vinyl, ... we will easily damaged in high temperature conditions. So which side is hot resistant automotive window films also help to protect the interior of the vehicle from the effects of temperature. For example, leather chairs, leather taplo more likely to crack if the temperature in the car increases, the furniture items made from plastic also more brittle and brittle with a high temperature.
5. Protect glass
Insulating film is actually stacked laminated plastic so the paste for automotive window films is actually covered more plastic layers to glass surfaces. Under the impact of thermal adhesives and resin grades will bind to the surface of the glass. So films can make more efficient windshield and limit scratching. On the other hand, if the windshield is broken, it will not crumble like when we throw a glass on the ground that will break up into large pieces. This according to experts is able to reduce the damage and danger. This truly is an important reason for you to paste for automotive window films.
6. Observe good and clear
after the last light will be softer films because some of it was absorbed into the layers of film or reflected back into the environment. This helps drive this good observation and clearer.
7. Protection of privacy in the car
with the kind of dark in color films, the outside can not see inside the car, but people sitting in the car may be visible on the outside. This type of window films usually the most favorite because help protect the privacy of users.

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