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Phiên bản đầy đủ: A good programmer is not all about technological proficiency
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In a recent blog, Dan Appleman has given his opinion about the relationship between coding skills, soft skills and work productivity. Sometimes, something which is not related to technique can make you even more excellent than an Indian guy. Never underestimate soft skills.
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Dan Appleman
Soft skills is as important as software skills.

Productivity or even the ups and downs of economy can somehow affect us. Some time in your career path, you have to encounter rough employment competition. At that time, your technical skills will not be the key to success.
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At such time, soft skills will decide your fate. Do you have good communication skills? Do you know how to express your idea clearly and make yourself understood? Is your handwriting legible? Are you confident in your ability? Do you have leadership skills? Are you responsible? Yes, many people are excellent at technology and they only focus on technology and ignore other necessary soft skills.

So when you enter university, don’t focus on technical skills only. Let’s join some writing classes or some clubs where you can make presentation often. Joining a role play is also a good idea. Or you can do voluntary works. Such experiences will be of great help for your future career in an unimaginable way.
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In this writing, Bytesoft would like to introduce the book “How to win friends and influence people” to software developers. It is interesting that improving technical skills is much easier than improving soft skills. Like other software developers, programmers in Bytesoft are introverts. If you find interested in programming, Bytesoft welcome you as a part of our family.
A great programmer cares about your product. They are positive, willing to go the distance to get the job done and bring their best everyday.