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After years of running a website and having a decent level of sales we are now looking to increase the amount of traffic and sales. ways to get traffic ... I have sped things up by using cloudfare, I have tried to add a blog, post to FB and twitter, Added like boxes to pages, Pinterest for images, added Metatag stuff (keywords, etc), SEO URLs, made the site mobile friendly, CSS as far as I dare with the template we use, etc. I feel i may be missing things since the traffic has actually slowed down more and more then normal for the summer months and i am tired of trying to tweak things by myself.So that brings me to the questions .... our site that makes you say " FOUR THAT IS THE PROMISES or even when surfing that you see if wrong Next, is there a marketing company you feel is reasonable and you have good experience with getting more traffic?

Please help.

Did not find the solution right from the internet.

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