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Phiên bản đầy đủ: To become an excellent programmer - Part 1
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It is obvious that software programmers, especially the newbies in this field, are looking for the best solutions, a step-by-step guidance to become an excellent programmer.
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Bytesoft with high-qualified software programmers who have great passion for programming, logical thinking and strong conceptual foundation will give you, the beginners, a step-by-step guidance on how to become a professional and qualified software programmer.
There is no mantras here, and it is apparent that there are many different ways to success. However, if you following this list of helping tips, it is highly likely that you will become a good or even an excellent and professional software programmer.
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Step 1: Choose a programming language and work on basics
You should learn to walk before you run. You should choose a programming language first, then work on basics in that language. You should not learn 50 million things at a time.
Many software programmers start by trying many programming languages at a time; however, they are not patient enough to be excellent in one language. They think that it is a must to try every “hot” programming language. In fact, proficiency in one programming language is enough. You should choose one programming language and pay great attention to it.
You should not choose a language just because you think it is easy to learn. It is necessary that you choose the one which will be attached to your programming career in the next few years. So please pick up a language that you wish to apply it in long-term run.
After successfully choosing a programming language, you should find more materials, books, case studies related to that language only. I mean you should not choose the books with too many topics in it, but the books helping you dig deep in the programming language you have chosen.
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When writing code, make sure that you understand every single line you write. It is the same for code reading. You can do it slowly but make sure you get all of it. In case of anything vague, you should learn more to make it clear right from the beginning.
It is advised that you read a book or reference materials at least three times to understand it completely. You cannot code at the first try - nobody can, neither. You should read the books many times to get it step by step. Sometimes, you might find unsure and disoriented, but it is actually a good sign of development. Just accept it and go ahead.
Step 2: Conduct something simple
Do not either expect too much or be too shy at this stage. Draw up an idea to make a simple application so that you can complete it with effort. The project should not be too complex to be completed in months. Focus on the programming you chose and do not try to apply too many different technologies (ranging from user interface to database) - although you might need some frameworks or available APIs.
For the first try, you can conduct simple and available applications, for example the To-do list. Never let your design proficiency prevent you from learning software programming.
It is highly recommended that you create an application for mobile devices because such applications are simple and easy to conduct. Additionally, it is supposed to be a trending job in the future. Nowadays, applications on mobile devices can be written in every programming language. One application in different programming languages can be operated in different operating systems on mobile devices.
Creating a simple web application is also a good idea. Make sure you do not focus on complicated web-developing technology. However, knowledge about HTML, back-end framework and JavaScript might be the prerequisites for such applications.
No matter what project you choose, framework knowledge is the prerequisite. However, you should not pay great attention to every single detail, for example all Android API tools or the operation of Android, etc. It is advised that you dig deep into the knowledge related to your project first and learn more later.
It might sound difficult but it is the instruction you should follow. Sometimes, you might encounter tough things, but try to find out the solutions. Do not skip those difficulties. The clear separating line between professional programmer and the rest is that they always long for learning and can find the elation in research. This would be a good training course for your future career.
A good programmer always looks at both ways before crossing a one-way street